There is a whole variety of reasons why you should refinance your home loan or consolidate other debts into one easy-to manage loan reducing your overall financial commitments.

We will give you the right advice when deciding whether switching banks is the right thing to do or help you re-negotiate your home loan with your existing lender.

However, refinancing your home loan can come with other costs, so it is important to understand the interest saving and other financial benefits against the costs involved when refinancing.

Refinancing and Debt Consolidation


Refinancing your home loan can be beneficial to you in many ways

Refinancing your home loan to secure a better interest rate
Homeowners can refinance their existing loans to a new lender to secure a lower interest rate and reduce their monthly repayments thereby saving thousands of dollars in interest.
Refinancing your home loan to access equity
Refinancing gives you an opportunity to tap into any home equity you have built up over the years. Through accessing equity, you have the opportunity to achieve your investment goals and build additional wealth.
Refinancing your home loan for Debt Consolidation
You may be having multiple debts to manage apart from your home loan – a Personal loan, Car loan or Credit Cards which may be at higher interest rates. Refinancing your home loan gives you the opportunity to consolidate any short term high-interest debts into one easy-to manage loan at a lower rate saving thousands of dollars in interest whilst improving your monthly cashflow.

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